Medical Applications

Anti-aging & Décolleté Care are not the only applications for the Z-Bzz Sleep Bra. There are medical applications as well!

Breast Augmentations

Recovery from breast augmentation surgery can be a painful process, the Z-Bzz Sleep Bra can provide medication-free pain relief while you sleep. The propitiatory design and microbial-resistant material make the Z-Bzz Sleep Bra an ideal solution to support the breasts as you sleep while still allowing the incisions to breathe, allowing for faster healing!

Open Heart Surgery

Open Heart Surgery is a traumatic life event that is often made more traumatic by poor sleep due to the location of the incision in the center of the chest, making it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position.

The psychological impact of seeing the long, often “angry” looking incision can also contribute to feelings of anxiety. The Z-Bzz Sleep Bra can be used by men and women both to support the pectoral muscles during sleep in a way that also accelerates the healing process.